Elevate Your Handbag

A woman's handbag is something special. It's our constant companion, holding our valuable items, and it's that piece of fashion that we often choose carefully.
In many ways, it's an extension of us. 

We know how valuable it is, which is why it breaks our heart whenever we see one laying on the dirty ground. 

So, we want to lift it up, keep it away from dirt and harm. Make it last and keep its beauty.

And we are here to make it happen. 
... At least in our own kind of way. 


A'VERIE Bag Hooks

Keep your handbag clean, safe and close at hand when you are out and about.

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"Nobody puts baby in the corner"

... Laying on the floor or hanging behind you on the back rest of the chair.

This is that unexpected accessory you didn't know you actually needed - until you get one of your own.

Our Bag Hooks are designed to keep your handbag, jacket and shopping bags off the ground and close at hand.

Perfectly sized to fit most restaurant tables and bar counters, yet compact enough to slip into any handbag.

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